Voices of our Supporters

Here's what we heard from folks during our campaign to save our watershed from sewage sludge last year. (Open)

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This is the kind of support that helped us prevail. The work is not over. 2019 is the year we take sewage sludge off your kitchen table and put it on the legislative table. We won’t accept it and we’re going to bring it into the public policy conversation in a big way.

“Hello, I am a member of a small group of Mason County, WA residents who are working to stop construction of an 18 million gallon septic filtrate lagoon.  We would very much like to stop this, and the application of septage on ag land, but likely too late for us. Some of us will continue to the fight.  Thanks for the inspiration.”

“I’m appalled at the prospect you face of having sewage sludge put on the land above you, and having the possibility of your land being contaminated by the sewage sludge.I don’t have lots of money to help you with, but would like to help in other ways.”

“Very disconcerting to learn of the biosolid threat.Hopefully, common sense will prevail.”

“I have signed the petition.I am not in a position to do much else at present, but I have implored my loved ones and social media followers to participate.This situation horrifies me and I want to keep apprised of how it advances.Thank you, and I am hoping with all my might for a favourable outcome.”

“Wishing you all success. We have been fighting this practice in my Virginia County since 2004. Our Department of Environmental Quality has never denied a permit and industrial waste from a paper mill has been approved by the Commonwealth’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a registered “fertilizer.” Keep up the fight against a practice that is nothing more than a transfer of liability from WWTP to rural land.”

“I want to help and I want to stay updated about this issue.”

“Today I read the excellent article in the Davenport Times. It is an outrage that there is even a possibility that bio-solids could be put on highly erodible land that is also near water!Glad you are standing up for what is right.Please keep me posted.”

“Thanks for organizing this.”

“I live near”ish” to Mill Canyon. No way do I want sludge spread as a fertilizer.”

“Thanks for getting this info out! Totally unacceptable – no matter how the issue is spun.”

“We must all stand for sustainable, healthy water & equitable access to it, everywhere, or we will all suffer, everywhere.”

“We must protect our food, land, and more from this threat to contamination to our water, air and soil. “

“The use of sewage sludge on food crops , and anywhere near a drainage ditch, stream, river, lake, or Puget Sound should not be allowed.”

“I do not support the use of bio-solids near my community or home.”

“Owner of an Eastern Washington small non organic wheat farm. We farm with inorganic nitrogen for fertilizer. Although bio-solids can increase yields slightly, they are toxic and may show up as dangerous chemicals in the wheat. Use cow manure not bio-solids!”

“Good to see other farmers and ranchers fed up with toxic bio-solids being peddled as ‘beneficial fertilizer’ …this nasty retoxification of farmland and watersheds needs to be stopped. Keep up the good fight!!”

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