Motivated Activists Wanted

If you're serious, join the "No Sludge on Ag Land" Google Group to network with others and get shit done.

We're working on ending the practice of spreading sewage sludge on farmland and forests in Washington State.

You don't need to have a Google Account to be on the listserve. Fill out this form and you will be added to the listserve if approved. It will be set up so your messages to the group will go to each member of the group and all replies will go to all members of the group (good transparency and keeping folks in the loop). To reduce clutter, individual replies may also be used. It is a private group.

Please tell us a little about yourself and why you want to help organize around this issue.

Also, you may send us the email addresses and first and last names of people you think it would be good to have on the list. We will send them invitations. If they are interested, they can opt in.